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Meet your craftsman, Daniel Arnold.

Inspired by the life and passing of his daughter, Ellie, wood craftsman, Daniel Arnold, decided to spend more time and energy doing what he loved and began working towards creating a legacy that would honor his daughter's memory.


"My hope is, for all of my customers, that I know I'm not going to change anyone's life because I sold them a piece of furniture, but it's my hope that, every now and then, you might look at that piece of furniture and know that the only reason it exists is because someone decided to follow their dreams."

from an acorn to an oak

The story of the acorn and the oak tree - from small beginnings come great things. Watch the video below to learn more about our story, the formation of our company, our family values, and our passion for bringing quality furniture to your home.

Farm to table... quite literally

Whether it is reclaimed wood salvaged from a local tobacco barn or an old farm house, or a piece of heart pine or cedar milled at our shop, one thing holds true. Each piece of wood is hand chosen and brought to life to form a masterpiece waiting for your home. Inquire today to begin designing your one of a kind piece.

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