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Barn Doors

Our barn doors are custom and made to order. Each door, unique in their own way are designed per customers request. We can mimic a design you may have found elsewhere or take your idea and make it just how you want! Each door is handcrafted and not a single screw is used in the design. We use the mortise and tenon technique to provide the best quality craftsmanship you would expect in your home or office. Mortise and tenon joinery is the only way to achieve a true barn door guaranteed to last for generations. Let Ellie Acorn design your dream door.


Most of the doors we make are $60.00 a square foot.

A standard door opening of 3’ x 7’ would be 21 square feet which would total $1260.00

If you have questions about custom barn doors or pricing, please contact us via Email, Facebook Messages, or Phone.

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